Free initial property investment consultation

To get you started on property investing, we offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation with our senior property consultant and director.

This is a good opportunity for us to find out more about you and you to find out more about us.

In this consultation, we'll work with you to identify your needs, type of property you want to buy, and determine how much you can afford.

At the end of the session, if you feel you'd rather not proceed further, that's perfectly fine. There's no obligation. You can walk away armed with the free comprehensive and personal property reports we provide.

Of course, we'd love you to be one of our clients. If you want to proceed, we can then discuss how you'd like to move forward, including whether you'd like to start on our 3-step process.

Book in today for your free initial consultation.

What happens at the free initial consultation?

The initial consultation helps us to find out more about your financial situation, personal circumstances, investment needs and goals.

We'll also assess how much you can borrow. To do this we look at the following:

  • Your total income and liabilities
  • Your existing investments
  • Your expenses (household, car, family mortgages etc).

We'll run your details though our computer program to determine your indicative borrowing capacity based on the lending requirement of over 25 lenders.

We'll also provide you with:

  • A price appraisal of your current home taking into account market values of similar residences in your area, the median property sale prices in your suburb, and general market factors
  • A report detailing the growth of property values and sales in your suburb
  • A report on your borrowing capacity
  • A guide to how much you can save in tax based on indicative purchase price of properties
  • A sample Property Investment Analysis showing how much a property investment will cost you, taking into account factors such asNULL income, depreciation, inflation and expenses..

What you need to bring to your initial consultation

To enable us to prepare a report on your borrowing capacity, here is what you need to bring with you:

  • Two current payslips
  • Latest group certificate
  • Current superannuation balance
  • Current home contents insured value
  • Current home loan statement
  • Any other loan statements
  • Credit card limits
  • Rental income evidence
  • Savings statement of last six months
  • Photo ID (drivers license or passport).