Who Are We?

Our aim is to create better opportunities for clients in an active market.

Our consultants are all successful property owners and investors themselves, and we want to share our expertise, passion and experience to help you make informed choices about property.

  • We have a fresh and unique approach to property
  • We are passionate about property and what the current market offers investors and property buyers
  • We work for you, the buyer, not the seller like real estate agencies
  • We provide guidance and insight, helping you buy properties that suit your current and future goals and needs
  • We provide hands-on help, we listen, and we focus on your needs

What do we do?

Our service takes the hassle out of buying, financing and managing property, for property buyers and investors. We understand that you may not have the time, so we take care of the details and are by your side through all the processes, from finding that perfect home or investment property, to arranging finance, completing the contract and then sourcing tenants and managing the property (if an investment). We will help you find property that suits your needs, and help make the acquisition of property easy.

We specialise in key services:

  • Property consulting: assessing your needs as a buyer or investor in order to implement a suitable strategy to achieve your goals efficiently, then finding that perfect home or investment property. 
  • Buyer's agent: leave everything to us - our job is to find the property you want and negotiate the sale on your behalf.
  • Finance broking: identifying the right loan and structure for your mortgage or investment property.
  • Property management: managing your investment property so you get quality tenants and maximise returns.

Our clients fit into one of the below groups:


There are many factors to consider when deciding to purchase an investment property besides the standard items involved with a purchase. You need to consider if the property meets your current and future wealth goals, paying the right price for its purchase, an exit strategy, prospective tenants, tax benefits, cash flow, etc. It can be very daunting, but it doesn't have to be when you have our expertise behind you.

Busy People

We understand that you may not always have the time, or the expertise, so we can take of the entire process saving you time and money. Think of us as your personal investor conceirge service. Simply let us do all the hard work for you so that you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy most.

Prestige Home Buyers

We can help you purchase high quality prestige homes. We will ensure we take adequate steps to ensure the house meets your individual requirements. With our range of contacts we can help you purchase homes before they are listed to public and attain private sales under conditions that work for you. By obtaining properties pre-public with little or no completion, we can help you achieve faster turnaround times and better prices.

First Home Buyers

The buying process can seem daunting at first, keeping in mind that buying a home will be your most significant lifetime investment. The buying process does not have to cause too much stress. Our team can take care of all the aspects of the purchase. By utilising our service we will ensure you pay the lowest price to obtain the property.

Commercial Property Buyers

Whether you are a business owner looking to purchase a property for tenancy or an investor looking for alternative investment options, we can help you find the right commercial alternative.

We understand that buying property can be daunting so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We run regular property investment workshops where our experts share their knowledge in a relaxed setting, offering guidance and providing useful information. We also offer a free initial consultation.

How do we do it?

For Investors

Our property investment service takes the hassle out of buying and managing property. We understand that you may not have the time, so we take care of the details and help you through the process.

Our 3-step property investment service is geared to helping you buy and finance properties that suit your needs and future goals, and to transact with ease.

With years of experience in property investment, our consultants can help you select properties that will yield good returns, show you how to structure flexible loans that will save you money and give insights into how to manage your property for maximum rental income.

Furthermore, by tapping into our network of property experts, we can show you how to make the most from your property investment, for example, how to protect your investment and save on tax.

For Home Buyers

While real estate agents are engaged by the home seller and operate on their behalf, we are engaged by the buyer and operate on their behalf. Therefore, while a real estate agent will always try to achieve the highest price possible to serve their client and in turn raise their commission, we will be aiming to negotiate a price down, especially if we believe a seller is asking too much.

Because all of our clients are individual and in different circumstances, we have formulated three simple packages to choose from, with all of them always leaving you in control. Remember we are only here to help YOU! So, in other words, you can choose the level of our involvement - whatever that may be. For example if you a busy individual and don't want the hassle of doing everything yourself, then we suggest the Platinum Package. Or if you would prefer for us to only organise your finances for a property you have sourced, take advantage of our extensive panel approved lenders, and we will happily do this for you only.

The point is, with us, you have a flexible system that meets your needs, and a team of experts who will provide you with a service like no other in this industry. You can always be assured that your best interest is always looked after, because we are working for you - the buyer, not the seller. Nominated as a 2011 Buyers Agency of the Year Finalist, you can be guaranteed of quality service and that you are working with the elite in the industry.

11 Reasons to use grow

Our clients benefit from our services because we:

1. Provide a proactive, personalised service.

We don't have a 'one-size fits all' approach. We are passionate about property and we focus on your needs and tailor our service and your plan accordingly.

2. Offer a choice of quality properties

Both off the plan and already built. We have access across a range of databases to help you find the right property.

3. Provide guidance based on in-depth and up to date industry research

We do the research required to find the right property or investment.

4. We save your valuable time

We take the stress out of property purchase by doing the paperwork and managing the buying and settlement process.

5. Negotiate on your behalf

As the buyer, to achieve the best outcome for you.

6. Plan cost-effective renovation strategies

Assist in design and feasibilities and mentor first-time developers.

7. Offer access to our network of strategic partners

Including financial planners, tax advisors, accountants, agents, developers, quantity surveyors and insurance consultants.

8. Give you ongoing support and advice

Share our knowledge on investing in property: how to buy, how to manage, how to access tax-effective income and capital growth

9. Keep you regularly updated

We keep you in the loop 24/7 with market news updates and media releases. We also provide our clients with first choice options as new opportunities present themselves present themselves.

10. Achieve results without sacrificing your lifestyle

Owning an investment property portfolio should not mean living on a shoestring budget. We can show you how to invest smart within your own affordability.

11. A convenient 'one stop shop'

From running around and sourcing suitable and highly competitive home loans to finding and managing the right property. We have everything you need in the one spot to acquire property quickly and easily - saving you time and money.