Client Testimonials

Extremely helpful...a perfect solution for my financial needs

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Grow Consulting as I purchased my first house. When the whole process started, not ever having bought property before I found it very daunting; however I soon engaged the services of Grow Consulting. Grow was extremely helpful and talked me through the whole process, so I would have clear understanding of everything involved and then they took care of everything. Grow Consulting found me the perfect solution for my financial needs. They were with me even after the keys to my new house were in my hand, keeping me up to date with the changes that were going on in the market at the time and making sure that I was satisfied with not only their service but also the service of my loan provider. I highly recommend Grow Consulting whether it's your first property or 10th property, I believe they will look after you and make sure the whole process is as stress free as it possibly can be. Thank you so much Grow Consulting, I love my new home.

Jackie Curtis - Canon Hill

I found they listened to my needs, wants and fears...and answered my queries promptly

If I were to sum Ayda and the service grow provided to me in just one word, it would have to be "awesome."

I found they listened to my needs, wants and fears - really sought to understand my personal situation before offering a tailored solution for me. They made me feel confident and excited about investing, and most importantly, got me to take action; something I am really grateful to them for.

I had been thinking about investing for years, but was procrastinating about it because I wasn't sure where to begin. Ayda from Grow had kept in contact with me over this time, and earlier this year called me and said "Diane, I have the perfect property for you."

My immediate reaction was that grow people are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about their work and helping others. I would, and have already, recommend Ayda and Grow Consulting Group to anyone else that wants a really positive experience in building and maintaining an investment portfolio.

They answered my queries promptly and professionally, and because of such a great experience the first time around, I am doing it again - my finance has just been approved for my second investment property!

Thank you, Ayda - you are just great!

Dianne Lazzaro - Bulimba

I really value her honesty and integrity...helping me understand how things work in property...

Being a first time home buyer and therefore a complete novice in the property market, one of the main reasons I contacted Grow Consulting was that I was looking for someone to help guide me through all the twists, turns and traps of the property jungle.

A friend of mine recommended Grow to me and I am very happy that I decided to contact them. The whole process of buying a property seemed like a daunting task, one which had turned me off investing in property over many years, and a process in which I had no idea where to start.

My fears were allayed however after consulting with Grow Consulting as they took the time to understand what I was looking for, analyse my financial situation, propose a course of action, and then they guided me through every step of the process. Some of these steps included the big ones of organizing finance to suit my needsand helping me find my first home, however it was all the smaller things like helping me fill out the myriad of forms and paperwork that really added value to the service Grow provided.

Grow took the time to answer ALL of my questions (and believe me, I had a lot of questions) and I really valued their honesty and integrity in answering all these questions, thereby helping me understand how things work in the property world.

I wholeheartedly recommend Grow Consulting to anyone looking to invest in the property market. They have proved to be an invaluable resource. I know I will be utilizing Grow's services for my next property purchase!

Matthew Dickinson - Toowong

A passion for excellence

Ayda has demonstrated a drive and level of professionalism that is inspirational. Ayda's passion for customer service will not only see her business continue to thrive but will be a large threat to her competitors that they will be forced to match.

Jo Conolly - Grange

I met with her to see what she could do for me and was very impressed with her service and her excellent knowledge of financial products.

I wanted to set myself up for the future, and a friend recommended Ayda. I met with her to see what she could do for me and was very impressed with her service and her excellent knowledge of financial products. Since I first met her in 2005, Ayda has helped me buy an investment property and my own home. She has also helped organise finance for two businesses. I ring her with ideas and ask her to help me get the money for it. She has a real knack for marrying my needs with the right financial products. Her service is excellent because I'm busy. I don't have time to look for everything. She takes care of it for me. I recommend her to everybody.

Jason Silcock - Stafford

Ayda's experience is invaluable.

Ayda's experience is invaluable. I found her good to deal with in my first encounter and have now returned to her to arrange finance for another investment opportunity. She has investment properties of her own so I feel like she has credibility - she really knows what she's talking about. And because of her emphasis on providing such personal service, it's never a case of 'here are some numbers'. It's the right mix between helping with the finance and actual housing aspects. I'm experienced in property leasing within my own realms of expertise, but I am also ready to accept Ayda's guidance because of the level of confidence she gives me, and the fact sherecommends a range of strategies to me without being overbearing. With her energy and enthusiasm I know she does everything she can to ensure a good outcome.

Peter Lunney - Chuwar

Made the whole process very easy and was consistent in following up and ensuring that our needs were met.

Working in the finance industry myself, I was a little apprehensive about dealing with a broker as you effectively hand control over to them. When we met with Ayda, I immediately felt comfortable as she was professional, timely and seemed extremely competent. After our dealings with Grow Consulting, I will never deal direct with a financial institution again and all our future borrowings we will arrange through Ayda. She made the whole process very easy and was consistent in following up and ensuring that our needs were met. In an age where most people are extremely time-poor, Grow Consulting did all of the hard work for us and saved us time, moneyand our sanity. I have now referred a number of my friends and family to Ayda as the experience for us was brilliant.

Danielle Taylor - Windsor

Ayda is the epitome of youthful professionalism and competence.

Joan Eather - Bridgman Downs

Grow has bee invaluable in providing me with financial advice when I refinanced my existing mortgage and reinvested in another property. Grow listened to what I wanted, researched all deals available and recommended products to suit my needs, even giving me further advice on current market trends, target areas, and possible investments to consider. As I am based in the UK, it was important for me to deal with a company that was efficient in providing me with all the information I needed to make the process as smooth as possible - and Grow have done this. I'd recommend their services to anyone looking for expert advice on a competitive loan.

Lesley Leung - United Kingdom

Professional Testimonials

I have known Ayda Shabanzadeh for three and half years. As her accountant I have seen Ayda develop her business skills firstly as a sole trader working from home through the growth of that enterprise to having to rent premises and employ staff. I have seen her expand and diversify her business interest from a sole trader to a corporate structure. Ayda now offers a variety of high quality services to her clients, with each service complementing the others.

Ayda is a very capable, dynamic and innovative business operator. I have worked closely with her during the growth of her business and witnessed her excellent abilities to attract new clients and develop new services to offer her clients. Ayda has displayed the ability to both maintain and grow her client base.

I have met many of her customers who all give glowing accounts of the services Ayda has carried out and the results she has obtained. They have expressed their appreciation of the quality of the services Ayda offers and many have referred their friends and family.

Denise M Leeke
Chartered Accountant
Malcolm V Leeke & Co
Everton Park Qld 4053

Our company has had the pleasure in working with Ayda Shabanzadeh of Grow Consulting Group for the past two years. We have found her professionalism and experience to be outstanding. We currently arrange a lot of her clients' conveyancing requirements for purchases. We have found that Ayda's clients have been welleducated in the process, and informed of all settlement requirements. Ayda is very efficient in her work and we have always enjoyed an excellent professional relationship with Ayda.

Richard Rylands